Email List Building Experiment Day 13

So 10 days have passed and here is what has been done with this project:

First, I decided to try out with this particular project and so I purchased 10,000 global visitors to land on my capture page.  Set that up and they were all delivered in about 4 hours.  Out of 10K, I had about 123 sign ups to my list, 2 of which unsubscribed immediately.

The next day I went over to fiverr and bought 5 different gigs for emailing to lists.  Some where apparently to IM lists.  Some were to millions of people.  Some where to safe-lists and some where to people’s personal emails lists.

Over the next 5 days or so I then received around 200 additional visits to my landing page from these fiverr sources.  Out of these, maybe 20 signed up.


The adfly thing was great for overall traffic.  Even with only a 1% conversion, getting 120 subs for $10 is ridiculously cheap.  And with good reason.  They are totally unresponsive and didn’t even open the first email to receive the freebie download (the reason they signed up in the first place).

In fact, I think only 25 people out of the original 123 opened that email and not all of them downloaded.  With subsequent emails, the open and click percentages have been even worse.  The obvious conclusion is that a funnel set up to monetize bulk generic traffic would work best, but that’s not what I’m working on, so adfly in this run was pointless.

With the fiverr gigs, I think the same thing is basically true.  We’ll see how these subs convert down the road, but for now, the actual traffic and clicks are very low even if the conversion is higher than adfly (10% vs 1%).

So far I would concluded that this non reliable and converting traffic.

The traffic that has converted at over 50% is the trickle traffic I am receiving from my signature at the Warrior Forum. Obviously people who are at a forum for IM are going to find my landing page more relevant and they are also familiar with the drill of giving their email address for free information and resources.

Looking forward I have scheduled 4 solo ads for a total of around 900 clicks in the next 2 weeks.  In addition to this, I may or may not try additional traffic sources during this time.  We’ll see.

List size as of May 13th, 2012:



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