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In addition to writing posts on this blog and other blogs, I frequently post on the Warrior Forum. Much of what I post relates to the content and purpose of this site: Education in Internet Marketing. So these posts are summaries of what was posted there.


Is It Really That Easy?

Yes, simply put it is that easy, but the process of getting there via some of the things the ^^^ posters have mentioned takes time. I think the 'easy' part about email marketing and the reason list building is hyped is that the conversions are there pretty consistently unless you are a total retard. Meaning, with email marketing – especially in IM – you can expect conversions of at least 1-3% (that is low) from your list when you promote products (assuming you have groomed and qualified your list properly). Whereas, with things like website affiliate marketing, CPA, and other sources of online income, the theory is that you can make 1-3% conversions, but there are more variable involved that do not involve you – like Google. Additionally, it may take more time to tweak and perfect a site or methods conversions than it does with email marketing. That said, it is still work and those that really perfect it by testing and refining have done A LOT of work to get there (or have jumped on others shoulders who have done the work). Email marketing via list building is in my top two recommended methods for anyone wanting to make solid progress in IM with a relatively short learning curve and consequent results.

My Website And Google Traffic

Yup, longtail lower competition keywords is what I would go after as well. I would research at least 150 and then create a page or post for each – semi targeted to that keyword. You could install a blog that is visible or not visible on your homepage and simply post there. Or more tediously, you could create separate pages for each article. If you want to beef it up a bit, you could then backlink to each of those posts to give them a little more juice, but depending on how competitive they are, they may rank W/O SEO. Keep in mind that longtail keywords that rank on their own are usually under 1K exact searches / month – but it just depends. If you have the cash you could outsource and or automate this whole process.

Free Vs Paid Service

I have always regarded platforms like blogger or wordpress (on their hosting) to be for hobby and even if you use them for business, to be unreliable. Not in the sense that they actually are unreliable, but in the sense that I shouldn't invest money or time into them that I am not willing to lose. I have offline clients that "have a blog" and most of the time it is one of these platforms. I always encourage them to just set up a basic wordpress site and either add it to their website or keep it independent. Yes, a server can go down or there can be other problems even with private sites, but there is more control and you legally own it. Also, if someone can't afford $10 for a domain name and $5 a month for hosting than they need to evaluate what they are doing online trying to make money.

Internet Marketing Without Google?

Yes, the OP's question is actually quite large and complex if one were to really delve into it. Partly because many of the means other than the search engines for driving traffic, such as websites themselves via banner ads, etc., wouldn't have the traffic that they do because A) most of them wouldn't exist and B) those that did wouldn't be found because most sites are primarily found via SE traffic. So to dumb it (or me) down and not complicate it with paradoxes, traffic would (and is) be driven by things like email marketing, social media (PPC and other means), and banner/text ads on sites themselves. Marketing is a lot of things, one of which is a numbers game. Untargeted traffic isn't junk, it's just more difficult to convert to specific offers. It's all a matter of taking what's available and directing it at what it will best work with. For instance, if I wanted to drive 50 prospects to a high end luxury item daily one way to do this would be with email marketing. The leads could come from newsletters, magazines, and other sources where they already exist and I could purchase them. Or alternatively, I could purchase cheaper and less converting leads via banner ads/PPC on sites or social media and have a funnel in place to get it down to the most qualified 50 leads per day. They might not purchase that day, but I could develop a relationship with them via email marketing or social media and some percentage would purchase down the road. Yes, things would be drastically different without G, but a lot of marketers currently make little of their 7 figure / year incomes off of anything related to Google.

Should A Newbie Start With Affiliate Marketing Or Adsense?

I've seen studies before of affiliate marketing vs adsense and the number are drastically in favor of affiliate marketing. That said, these were from 'professional' site builders and people who really know how to build a site and drive traffic to it – mainly from KWR. I know someone who builds around 1 authority site per week (I have a hard time with one per month!) who mainly uses affiliate programs because they out perform adsense 3-1. It obviously depends on the CPC, KWR and a number of other things. One of the sh*tty things about adsense too is that you can lose your account for basically no reason at any time – whether you've had it for years or a few weeks. I have a friend who made 12K / month passively off of adsense on his sites until they sent him the "unusual click activity" message – of which he had none – all his traffic was natural organic search traffic. 12K / month poof! Gone. So I wouldn't rely on it. For a Beginner though, not a bad way to go if you can get traffic. Comes down to percentages and how optimized your site is for conversion.

17 Methods I Use To Build A List

A responsive list is key, period. Why build a list if they don't buy anything or even open your emails or click on your links? I think it partly comes down to refining what one's point is with building the list. What is the end action or series of actions you want the subs to take. And then trial and error. I could build a list of 1000 by tomorrow (seriously) of untargeted subs and I could do it for $100 (I've tested this), but they would basically be worthless to what I currently have set up funnel-wise, so there is absolutely no point. I couldn't use them to sell solos or to do swaps or to market to because they don't click on sh*t. So in my opinion and experience, it totally depends on what your goal is and how your funnel is set up.

50% Sign Up Rate Good?

50% is very good, but more important is how responsive they are to your follow up emails and to you in general as you go along with them. I know some marketers who say anything under 50% is too low, but in my experience 50% is very good and I would be pleased if I were you. As mentioned ^^^, I would always tweak and test as you go to see if you can play with that to increase the %

Have You Hit The Wall? Don't Give Up Or You May Miss Out On The Hot Blonde

Good thing when people learn after buying a couple of these courses that it's going to take a lot of work. Many people DON'T learn and continue to buy these courses. Part of the battle is comprehension of what in fact IM is and then consequently, one can begin to use the time they do have with more focus. So "don't give up" is all great and everything, but to me, has the most relevance for those who are already in the focused phase and who just haven't achieved their own success. "don't give up" when you are still buying sh*t left and right is bad advice (not from you OP) – as it is effectively saying " continue to spend your money without learning! "

College? I'd Rather Major in IM

So various posts have probably conveyed this – at least cumulatively – but here's my thoughts: First, there is no right answer. There are no guarantees with anything – college or no college there are only choices and action and then how you deal and relate to what your choices are actions are. Happiness and success isn't about money or status or a degree, it's something that you earn for yourself based on your experiences in life and who you are and become as a person. Ok, got that out of the way . I don't think personally there is any reason to go or not to go to college that is objective. It's completely based on you and your personal circumstances. All the numbers and stats and other peoples experiences are just that: numbers, stats and OTHER peoples experiences. Make you own way. If it's best for you for whatever reason to go to college and try IM on the side, do that. If you really want to give IM a go, and put college off for now, do that. The one piece of practical info I'll give is that that your actions should follow your reality and your dreams, not just your dreams. Whether they realize it or not, most people – including some on this thread – are just sharing their opinions. There is no right or wrong way and in fact, these opinions are their dreams and so that is how they act. My practical advise is this: act both on your dreams and on what you need to deal with the daily considerations of life. Specifically, if you want to pursue IM, awesome. Do it, but simultaneously support yourself and take care of whatever 'responsibilities' you have – be they college or just a job to pay for food and housing. The best way to learn is by doing and acting. If you can try to move in the direction of your dreams and still cover your a** in 'real world' terms, that is the optimal balance. It's the same in IM as it is in a regular job as it is in a relationship. Don't mistake your dreams for your practical responsibilities and visa versa

List Building But Stuck Again, Need Help

Aside from practical advice specific to your question (like Alexa already gave), I would encourage you to create your own giveaway to get people to sign up. This would be 100% free and would brand you to your subscribers as an authority right off the bat. It doesn't have to be long or complex, just quality and relevant to the product and niche you are targeting. Many site owners and list builders will create 5-10 page ebooks with 18 pt font and double spacing offering quality content to their readers in exchange for them signing up. You could do something like "10 steps to ….." or "5 tips for….." or "recipes for quality …." or whatever and as long as you didn't copy any content, you can easily find inspiration for this online. Alternatively, you could purchase PLR for cheap (less than $5 sometimes) and use that. Regardless, it needs to be quality quality quality.

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