Warrior Forum Posting For May 14, 2012

In addition to writing posts on this blog and other blogs, I frequently post on the Warrior Forum. Much of what I post relates to the content and purpose of this site: Education in Internet Marketing. So these posts are summaries of what was posted there.



" Reading the title of the thread I thought to my self that I would find Alexa in here with a valuable response and this was true!

Also appreciated your response Joe. Had not seen those threads.

Just on a quick and practical note – depending on what the article marketing is for… I always like to remind people that if you start and hold steady with a quality not quantity approach, the possibilities for what you can do with these articles are vast.

Specifically, repurposing content can be a very valuable and powerful technique to drive quality traffic and visitors to your site, product, blog, etc.

For instance, starting out with a series of say, (10) 1000 word high quality articles that you used for article marketing (maybe first posting on your site, maybe submitting to directories, maybe being picked up for syndication), these can be repurposed into other mediums and disseminated.

10 articles become 10 – 20 videos which can be distributed to multiple video sharing sites – all driving visitors back to you. 10 articles become at least 10 slide shows which can be distro'd to slide sharing sites, again, with traffic coming back to you. 10 articles become 1-10 podcasts which are distributed to podcast sharing sites, driving even more traffic. And 10 quality articles become one ebook and one kindle book that can be distributed to ebook sharing sites AND amazon – potentially driving traffic and possibly even making money on their own.

Obviously it's a bit more detailed than this, but the basic idea is sound and repurposing content can be a very effective and once set up, passive way to drive traffic.

Depends on your intent and needs, but I always ask my self "what else can I do with this" when I create something online. There's always more… and sometimes it's quite valuable. "




"Well, if you are talking about driving traffic online, what Coby mentioned are the primary ways to drive targeted internet traffic. With any business, multiple forms of marketing and market presence/branding are important for increased visibility and exposure. To this end, if this is your primary focus and you want online marketing, I would definitely set up a strong and comprehensive SEO campaign so you cover the organic search/keyword traffic. If you then have an additional budget, targeted PPC advertising via Adwords and/or Facebook can be quite effective, but unless you are proficient, I would recommend outsourcing this to professionals. Finally, a 'free' or more inexpensive and potentially targeted way to approach this online would be to directly target prospects via social sharing platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. In other words, identify the businesses and their owners/leaders and solicit (no salesy) them directly. This could also be outsourced."

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