Warrior Forum Postings May 15, 2012 – Backlinks, Newbies, and Failing in IM

In addition to writing posts on this blog and other blogs, I frequently post on the Warrior Forum. Much of what I post relates to the content and purpose of this site: Education in Internet Marketing. So these posts are summaries of what was posted there.

"Noobie Question About Backlinking Services"

"Couple of thoughts:

First of all, SEO and link building for those who are inexperienced can be confusing and challenging. Related to this, even for experienced SEO providers and experimenters, the way the search engines work and rank is constantly changing – even more so now – so in my opinion, there is no one way or best way to do SEO. HERE'S THE POINT: because of this, to 'learn SEO' is quite an undertaking. It's time consuming, will take money to buy and read info products/webinars/coaching, etc. AND then you have to constantly stay on top of it because it's now changing monthly. So, unless this is your desire (to learn SEO and do it your self), I would simply outsource it.

Second, all outsourcing is not the same. There are a ton of quality providers of backlinks and SEO services – many of whom are right here on WF. The 'problem' is that most of them do not provide a complete and total SEO service. They provide link building campaigns. Either in packages or more al a carte – like blog commenting or WEB 2.0 building, etc. These are great services, BUT you NEED TO KNOW what you are doing when you are putting these together and aiming them at your site. I.e., YOU need to know SEO because they are not managing campaigns for you, they are providing packages and services. HERE'S THE POINT: If you don't want to or have the time to learn SEO on your own (previous paragraph), then don't try to put together various link packages. Instead, HIRE a service that manages a SEO for your site. This will be more expensive because you are paying for oversight/management, but it will also be more guided and controlled and thus, safer (assuming the proper provider)

As for which provider to use, I would just make sure the social proof is there (testimonials / proof of services). There are providers like this on this forum and tons more online.

I'm not going to link to them in this post, but if you search "SEO Serviceagents", there is a top notch provider (does a lot of Google Places, but also does organic SEO) who has a thread on WF.

Hope that helps ~ "

"Why Do Newbies Aim So Low?"

"Yes, agreed.

Forgive me if this has already been contributed, but another reason people new to IM "aim so low" is because they are new. Yup. That's it. They are not aiming low, they are just taking action with something that they are capable or at least trying to be capable of doing.

Meaning, they don't know any better because they are new, so they are not aiming, they are just doing. And really, kudos to them for this.

Chris Munch sent out an email yesterday without any promos in it talking about how if you haven't lost money, made a ton of mistakes, been questioned by everyone around you as to what the F**K you are doing trying to make it in IM, and a few other things,… you don't want it enough, and you won't taste the rewards of your success and push and drive even harder to get it.

In other words, there is a learning curve and you are at where you are at in that process. Those that succeed for the most part are those that stick to it no matter what and double their efforts over and over again.

If I build 10 niche sites that make 10ea PER MONTH after 6 months and now have a $100/month set of sites, not only did I DO THAT, but the amount that I would have learned in doing this is immense and would then possibly prepare and propel me forward to do bigger and more complex or more refined things.

When I was first starting out online a few years ago, I had NO concept of what any of IM was. I just knew there was an opportunity online to make money and I was driven to find it and learn it.

I started with things like surveys and incentive crap and quickly found other methods – much closer to what all of us know of as IM (site building, flipping, CPA, list building, etc). And then I had to learn and fail and learn and fail and make money and lose money and make money and lose money and the whole while I was learning how do things and make progress on my own.

In my opinion one of the biggest failures of the teaching community in IM is that there really isn't any teaching community in IM – or rather, that the quality and systematic fundamentals needed to succeed are rarely emphasized and those that are proponents of them are hard to find amongst all pitching and selling.

Even fundamentals like how to organize your approach and time management. How to focus and make consistent progress, etc. Many of these are glossed over and assumed, and as we all know, nothing happens when no action is taken because your head is up your email/facebook/cellphone a**.

Kudos to those that act, period. "

"Most Common Reason People Fail In IM"

" I think Alexa summarized it nicely.

However, I would put taking action at the top of the list. Without focused and sustained action, there will be few or no results. Yes, there are many practical factors and aspects to IM that are helpful, if not necessary to succeed, but I feel that the major contributing factor to quitting and failure is lack of action.

If you expand the question into why do most people fail at ________ (anything – relationships, exercise, jobs, tasks, etc.,), you could easily argue that the reasons are consistent with those for why people fail at IM.

Yes, specific and conditional knowledge and information is important for success and advancement, but I believe that with consistent action and commitment to completion, this can come and will come on its own. Maybe all at once or maybe in bits. Maybe right away or maybe years down the road. But it will come.

If one truly has the intent to do something, action will guide them to what they need. So action then is the manifestation of intent – the 'physical' component ."


"Exit Pop – Annoying or Useful?"


Originally Posted by David Keith View Post
i have tested the crap out of that stuff with some very high traffic sites in many niches.

If done properly you will see more money in your bottom line if you use an exit popup. but doing it properly is not easy. That's the biggest reason you see people who have "tested" them and think they don't work.

proper testing requires that you know why most people are leaving you page. if people are leaving because they don't understand you product, then offering them an exit popup with a discount offer is not going to help one bit, and it will in fact annoy people.

in fact, i have even tested using different exit pages based on how far a user scrolls down the page, how long they are on the site, and which traffic source they came. Those variable all go into "why" a visitor is likely leaving without taking the desired action.

the purpose of the exit popup is to handle an objection of "why didn't you purchase". to do that properly, the first step is to know what the objection is.

its not nearly as simple as it seems on the surface.

Well said. Awesome post.

Yes, testing whether it works would seem to be prudent. Personally I too find them annoying, but depending on what they are for (free or paid), they also can save me money if for some reason I am there to buy a product. Usually that exit pop on a paid offer is a discount.

If I'm not there to buy or subscribe to something, then while they are annoying, I automatically just exit out of them without really thinking (and definitely without reading) about it.

So back to the testing…. I don't personally use them, but I know a number of people who do and the bottom line is that if you are making increased sales or subscribers by using it and your attrition doesn't off set that, it would be a good thing from a purely marketing perspective.

And then…. or…. don't do it if you personally don't want to brand your self or your site that way… even if it does make you more $ or subs… "



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