Warrior Forum Posts 5.16.12 – Mentors, Failure, Adwords, Twitter & More

In addition to writing posts on this blog and other blogs, I frequently post on the Warrior Forum. Much of what I post relates to the content and purpose of this site: Education in Internet Marketing. So these posts are summaries of what was posted there.


"Frustrated – how long do you work on a project before assessing if it's a failure/success?"

Well, from what I can tell, yes, you are on the first page for your domain match KW and looks like you have around 116 pages indexed. "Free cloud storage" gets 6600 exact searches per month according to GKWT and with you getting 60 uniques a day, I would say you would at least want one click per day – which would come out to be around 1.2% CTR.

Now why isn't it happening? I don't know. And if it was would it be worth it?

When I design and research a site and then build it out, I'll usually give it about 2-3 months of effort and if it isn't ranking and then creating profits, I won't continue to put effort into it, I'll just let it sit.

Obviously I keep track of it and sometimes it picks up and does well. If it doesn't, I either let it die, or I will try to sell it. Sometimes, you can sell a first page site even with no income for thousands.

In terms of what to do, if you want to put energy into it, I would play around with the adsense placement and possibly but some subheader style adblocks between your paragraphs. Possibly play with the design of the site too?

Best of luck. Don't put energy into something that isn't working. Seems to me you've done a good job testing so far — with little to show for it. Sometimes it is best to move on. "

"Should I Advertise For a Mentor in the Help Waned Section?"

"Yup, I would say there is no harm in posting and it's pretty cheap.

I wouldn't necessarily take one approach over another UNTIL you have something solid that's making gains and you can feel that.

I don't mean find 3 or 4 people all at once to learn from and try to do 3 or 4 different things.

I mean more that if you are serious about trying to really succeed in IM, you should educate yourself and find people/info that can help with this process – including practical steps and methods.

Work on this process of finding/selecting the best fit method/mentor/education and then choose them/that. After this, it's really about consistent action and implementation. There is no 'right' decision, there is only your best educated decision and then action.

Act to refine/choose your method/mentor (from a variety of options) and then choose one and move forward. With this moving forward you will fail, succeed, refine, succeed, fail again, and succeed. This IS success and you can learn from your mistakes in the process, but only if you continue to act and move forward. Find someone to help you.

No harm in doing this with posting questions, posting ads, PM'ing people, emailing, whatever. Want it bad? What are you prepared to do about it. "

"Would you spend $100 a day on Adwords or Banner Ads?"

"Regardless of what you are doing, testing is key. If you are familiar with adwords and banner advertising and have refined your abilities in testing, then no problem. But because you are asking this question, my guess is you are not a proficient highly experienced user (neither am I).

I have experience with both and have spent thousands on Adwords. For me, neither medium was worth it when I tested it (limited time) because the ROI was minimal.

That said, I know a lot of people who absolutely kill it on adwords and mainly because of two very important things:

- they track and test and refine their campaigns and manage the keywords on a daily basis. Seriously, daily basis for managing what keywords are converting and not. This saves money and increases your rating score based on CTR, etc. This can also be professionally outsourced by groups or networks of adwords experts who basically run and track your campaign for you. These networks are comprised of individuals all independently bidding on getting your work based on THEIR ability to bring you the best and most optimized keywords and overall adwords campaign. These individuals are then 'managed' and put through a central system by the company that you interact with and who you work with via your affiliate manager. Generally, they won't work on campaigns that are targeting a budget of less than $100 / day. Again, they are professionals and are there to bring you the most money possible with the least money spent — because they keep the difference. Just Google it if you are interested.

- If you are going to do adwords, make sure your landing page is a squeeze or capture page and not just your site. In other words, you want to be able to capture as much info from the people who land on your site via adwords (or banners) as possible so YOU can follow up with them even if they don't contact you. Simply having a contact me button or place for them to call you or whatever is not enough. You can drastically increase your lead capture by treating it like an IM squeeze page (without being too salesy) where you offer them something free in return for them signing up for your list ("enter your email here for a free website quote and consultation") or ("free guide to managing your business website"). This can drastically increase your leads."

"Question about placing testimonial on landing page"

"I would say it partially depends on your product and audience, but I know that many big time marketers (6 figures/month) use video.

Like j, I also pretty much never play videos on pages unless it is the product description and I am interested.

On my own pages, my social proof is usually based on client/customer testimonials that are written. If I can add their picture, great. People seem to like to be able to identify with an image/person.

Test it out and see and then test again "

"Should I buy twitter followers?"

Well it depends on your intent.

If you just want to beef up your account stats than sure, do it. In fact, you can get REAL followers if you are diligent in your research. They may not give a fig about what you tweet, but they are real.

You can also buy real but inactive followers. And of course you can buy bot followers.

Twitter IS for branding, sharing, and information, but that does not mean you cannot make money there. There are plenty of people who make A LOT (1K/day or more) simply by building solid accounts with real followers who are interested in what they say/share.

You have to be clever and consistent, but it is possible.

For this though, I don't think buying is going to help much ~"

"I'm a newbie, should I start with CPA?"

" One of the benefits of Youtube and CPA is that you don't necessarily need a website to get started and if you are new and want to get going, this will save you time.

Successful CPA in my opinion is about either being innovative OR throwing a HUGE net (usually through paid traffic). Lot's of people try CPA, but not so many succeed on a consistent basis.

Affiliate marketing, like you mentioned is another option and could be done a number of ways. What you are looking for is this:

Traffic ==> Product ==> Conversions

Each aspect of this series is important. You must be able to drive or manipulate traffic so they are exposed to your product. The best traffic is targeted, meaning relevant to your product. Then your product is best when it's quality and proven which then directly ties into conversions – part of which is up to you and part of which is up to the product (depending on who is doing the selling – your or the prodcut via a sales page).

Now, that's one paragraph that kinda sums up IM, but it's MUCH more labor intensive and complicated for most of us. There is a lot you need to know in order to successfully drive targeted traffic again and again to a quality product that converts.

Whether you choose CPA, affiliate marketing, or whatever, I would encourage your to learn the skill of list building and to (from the beginning) build a list of customers and prospects so that you can market to them moving ahead. The MOST money made by IMrs is actually in the backend (via email)."

"In need of free traffic";  Aren't we all!

"By far the best free traffic available is from the process and method of repurposing content. In other words, using ALL/most traffic free traffic sources/mediums.

For instance, you can take your articles or posts from your site and have them turned into slideshows and submit them to youtube (which is awesome for traffic as everyone has mentioned) and other video sharing sites. Next, you can take those slideshows and have them submitted to slide sharing sites (there are dozens). Next turn your slideshows/articles into podcasts and submit those to podcast sharing sites (again, there are a sh*tload of them). And finally, you can take your original posts and not only submit them to article directories ( I would only bother with the top 1-3), but also bundle them in groups of (coherent) 10 or so and create ebooks and kindle books and submit them to free ebook directories and to amazon.

Repurposing content is a lot of work, but it can be outsourced and it drives a TON of traffic when done properly. And 'passive' traffic at that."

How to invest $2000


Originally Posted by retsced View Post
^^^This is what I would do.

You will need an effective sales funnel in place. A high converting squeeze page. A very valuable product to promote on the backend. A steller FREE gift for the opt-in. Start off slow, invest small amounts of cash at first until you find what works well for your investment, and then scale it up.

Okay, there's a little more to it, but that is the best strategy IMO.

Agreed. List building all the way. Test Test Test. If you have money, this is the fastest way to make money AND sustain it online.



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