Warrior Forum – What Newbies Are Never Told, Building Subscribers, & Great Fiverr Logo Maker

In addition to writing posts on this blog and other blogs, I frequently post on the Warrior Forum. Much of what I post relates to the content and purpose of this site: Education in Internet Marketing. So these posts are summaries of what was posted there.

"What Newbies Are Never Told At The Beginning

Well I have no idea about percentages of people earning $ on the WF, but yes, that is what is said in general for IM. That only upto 5% actually succeed in making money online. And that is just making money. Those that do well or make enough to only work part time or to quit their full time jobs are even more rare. And of course, those that make 10 – 100K per month are the most rare.

Then again, this is an IM forum so there is a concentration of a lot of people who are making money here. AND… there is a concentration of people who are not and are looking too. A potentially profitable and also deceptive mixing. But also a potentially amazing resource and classroom – as we know it to be.

That said, my main interest in your post is how you refer to the reality of how difficult it truly is to succeed in IM. I don't think most people have any concept of this difficulty and understandably so. When people start, they are mainly dreams and ideas and have no concept of what IM even is, let alone, how to do it. Meaning, there are important frameworks and concepts you must understand as well as tons and tons of specific skills like working on websites, coding, writing, and a lot more. Additionally, one of the things that IM brings you face to face with IS YOURSELF.

Meaning, it's up to you solely to succeed. No one else is really going to make you put in the time, have the belief necessary to stay the course, stay focused on completing specific tasks, stay accountable for your goals and A LOT more.

Before I was in IM I did Marketing and Sales in the Event Planning industry. I was in upper management and managed around 10 people. I was good at what I did and was very organized. learning to be 100% responsible for all of my time and actions (in IM) and developing all the strategies, plans, methods, etc, to stay focused and actually achieve things was quite different than simply showing up and going through structured routines – as dynamic as they once seemed.

Point is, there are many many 'obstacles' to making it online in IM, but in my opinion, the majority of them come back to the individual and their ability to persevere .

Yes, there is a ton of junk info out there and a lot of marketers are basically selling dreams, but ultimately the responsibility comes back to the individual undertaking the challenge….and yes, it is quite difficult and as I mentioned, probably very few people have any concept of this when they first begin.

How exciting!

New And Don't Know Where To Start

Yes, welcome to the game and to the WF. You are in a great place, but one filled with potential pitfalls if you reach into your wallet left and right.

I was just on another thread talking how most people new to IM have very little concept of the enormity and intricacies of it all. They are just motivated by an idea and dream. Which is great and very cool. I wish you not only luck, but fortitude in achieving your dream.

For me, it wasn't that there wasn't another option because I was going to be burned at the stake or would lose my house or anything. There was no other option because I want my life to have freedom that is difficult to have when working for others and limited by money and time. By no means am I free from concerns of money and time, but I am on my way and since going full time in IM, the momentum continues.

I think the advice given to look around and really learn is the best. My first year in IM I spent no less than 4 hours per day reading and learning everything I could. I also tried out methods and skills that were new, like building sites and working on their backend (wordpress/html, etc.).

Truly action is what will produce results and experience is the best teacher – especially in IM. Consistent action and a commitment to the completion of your goals is key. Start small and take small steps. Learn and take more steps. fall, get back up, step again. Learn, step, fall, learn, step, fall, becomes step, step, step, step with the learning also taking an easier path.

Find something that resonates and jump in and act. I tried buying sites, monetizing twitter, CPA, adsense, and and a few other things initially. If had to start all over I would either focus on building ONE site first (with proper understanding and planning -> keyword research, content, on site SEO) and/or possibly list building and email marketing using solo ads to boost my initial momentum.

Either way, I would probably grab 4-5 courses for the main method I was going to go after and learn the hell out of it (theoretically) and then put it into practice and follow the 'step' method described above.

There's obviously a lot more to it, but staying focused, getting rid of distractions, being consistent and setting achievable goals is definitely key.

Best to you in your IM travels ~

How To Build My Subscriber Base

Well, it looks like some of the responses are varying and I have to admit that when I read your post it's a little confusing. If I understand correctly, you are looking for subscribers TO YOUR SITE, not to a list because your site is a membership site, correct?

Well if this is true, you 'simply' need to identify your target demographic and then drive targeted traffic to your site. The usual suspects of methods for this can be: PPC, PPV, Social Media (sounds like LinkedIn might be good) and good old fashioned keyword research and content creation.

If your site is optimized to convert, you simply need to drove people to it that will be at least generally interested and some percentage will convert – which you can increase and work on with testing.

As mentioned, getting prospects onto an email list and then into your funnel with then end goal being that they subscribe to your site is another possibility and way to increase your overall site conversions.

Recommend A Great Logo Maker On Fiverr

Yes, there are plenty of other resources for logos than fiverr that are potentially much more reliable. That said, logos are 'personal' things and as such it's really subjective.

I used an excellent provider who is usually pretty backed up (on fiverr) with a great rating. Thing is, there were also a number of people who were less than happy with him – thus the subjective thing.

What I did was go to a free logo making website (just google it, there are a lot) and screw around for a bit until I came up with something I liked. I then took a screenshot of it (cuz you usually have to pay if you want to download) and then sent that screenshot to the fiverr provider as a 'direction' to take.

I think having a visual guide and not just the words they ask for to describe what you want was very helpful. I got exactly what I wanted for $5!

The provider was blue89red. Sorry, don't like to link out on WF.

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