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Mindset Is Key To IM Success, Period

Yes, it is that simple. No, it is nowhere near that easy. Finding a successful model to operate an online business is something that most people who try fail to do. Why? Primarily because of lack of understanding and proper mindset. In fact, the number of people who are able to create a successful method to generate money online is drastically low and this is directly related to lack of focus, perspective, and a proper plan of action. And yet, success is entirely possible and even just around the corner. Those who seek it must understand and implement some very core aspects of what it means to be a successful online marketer – and for that matter, a successful marketer and business person. There are two problems though.

1) Most successful marketers don't share or emphasize fundamental information key to success – especially in detail.

2) When they do, the majority of seekers don't listen to them, follow through, or even know how to use it. Many of them are distracted by the wrong things.


1) You cannot succeed online until you focus on specialized knowledge,  products, or service and stop getting lost in overall general internet marketing concepts and information overload.

2) General information or knowledge is nowhere near as valuable as specific information and will often lead to no action being taken. Action = Results

3) Become a specialist and dig deep into a niche and your value will drastically increase. Specialized knowledge is something you can monetize and people will be in need of in any niche.

4) Research & study a niche specialty then act until you obtain results. Test and repeat, then scale the method up or bring it to the market for others to benefit from. In general, Internet Marketing is about matching and getting the right traffic to the right offer and then testing and optimizing to get the highest conversions

5) Find a mentor and learn from them and their systems either directly or from their products. Mentors have a record of success and proven working systems.

6} Focus, focus, focus. Have a plan and stay focused. Your chief obstacles involve not staying focused on your plan. Whether it's checking your email too often or day dreaming or talking on the phone, any action not contributing to you implementing your plan is hurting you.

7) Success is the commitment to completion and achieving your plan of action. Stay consistent and complete your task. Jumping from one 'money making' system to another will get you nowhere and you will be stuck partially completing projects over and over = no success.

8) Spend 90 to 120 days if you are just starting out researching and studying ONE method. Make a plan and Take action with this method, test and experiment. Learn and find shortcuts. Be aware of the traps and distractions that come up that take your focus away and stop your progress. Commit to completing your plan. Commit to the 90 days. Learn, test more, and measure your results. Develop a step by step process and repeatable system. Either scale this up after success or bring it to other marketers and people who would have interest – there will be a lot of them.

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