Warrior Forum – Google Docs or Word, Noob Questions, Backlinks on Fiverr, & How many sites

In addition to writing posts on this blog and other blogs, I frequently post on the Warrior Forum. Much of what I post relates to the content and purpose of this site: Education in Internet Marketing. So these posts are summaries of what was posted there.

Google Docs or Word?

I prefer Google Docs, but Word has it's place on my desk top for sure. Not to get all crazy, but I also use Open Office ;/

Noob Question From A Product Owner

Yes, knowing what your product is would help with more specific answers.

A couple of 'blind thoughts' come to mind:

If you are selling it on amazon and it's doing well, use this. Find affiliate manager's email and without being salesy, directly contact them and tell them what you have.

I don't know who you've contacted, but obviously the different marketplaces vary tremendously and depending on your product and sales copy, may not be quite as relevant as Amazon.

I think expanding where your product is offered is a very good idea AND another idea might be to increase exposure of your product on Amazon via other marketing means like sites, social traffic, PPC, etc.

Legitimate Question About Doing TONS Of Backlinks On Fiverr

Related but not I just wanna stand up for a few high quality backlink providers on fiverr. yes, the majority are crap and/or I wouldn't let them touch my sites, but there are a handful (at least) that do seriously high quality work. To the tune of having 300 plus orders in their queues at any time and 40K in 5 months of work. Not spammy links either. Social book marks, web 2.0 property links, etc.

Another related but not related thought is that when people talk about penguin and getting slapped, they may (or I may) not be thinking about it accurately. It's not so much a matter of how long until you get found out. That implies that there are people or computers on the hunt and that you can roam free until they catch you. The whole point of the algorithm itself rests on the fact that it is a function, a system.

It's like the day the garbage is picked up has changed from a thu to a friday. No matter how many times you put your garbage out on thu, they are not going to notice or do anything about it. They now come on friday. The system has changed.

Maybe not the best analogy ;]

How Many Niche Sites Do You Set Up In A Week? A Month?

Wow, lot's of people talking about how they work on their sites in different ways. I dig it! Lot's of action being taken!

I'm very good at action, but not always at action on the same things. I have around 50 sites that I have established and am working towards getting them 'authority' status via lot's of targeted quality content.

Problem is I also do offline SEO services for small businesses and email marketing/list building on my own. Not to mention the occasional weekly dabble in some sort of other campaign or IM learning experience.

So for me it really is time and focus. I have the KWR done and the bases covered and everything set up and on the way, but there's no hurry in my mind. Some sites will do well and others won't. I can sell both or at least sell those that don't do as well.

These days with things like content curation and auto syndicating your posts to get links and traffic, you really just have to build the machine and press start.

There's some stat like 80% of IMers never build their first site. Kudos to all of you for not being in that 80%.

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