Warrior Forum Posts – What to Promote to my list? 1 Sale Per Day? IM Mentors?

In addition to writing posts on this blog and other blogs, I frequently post on the Warrior Forum. Much of what I post relates to the content and purpose of this site: Education in Internet Marketing. So these posts are summaries of what was posted there."

What To Promote To My List?

A 10K list is an accomplishment, good job? May I ask what methods and means you used to achieve this? I ask in part because depending on how and why they got onto your list, you have part of your answer right there. Whatever they were interested in that motivated them to sign up for your list in the first place, they are most likely interested in still – and/or you can drill down to more specific types of interest within the main demographic.

Yes, like the post ^^^, you need to qualify them. Have you just been building your list or do you have a relationship with them? Are you or your business/product branded to them and if so, in what way. How do they see you and what is that perception worth to them. In other words, what type of authority are you to them.

If you don't know any of these things about your relationship, you should try to learn by asking and even possibly taking polls. At least general engagement with your list to connect and 'learn' their needs.

After you have at least a bit of this figured out, you can more successfully monetize your list. List building and email marketing are vast subjects with a lot of nuances, but to start, simply matching quality and relevant products to your lists 'needs' is what you are after.

Different marketers say different things, but I personally mail with my branded name 3x/week or so with only one of those being a promo email (unless I have something really hot and quality – in which case I'll mail more). With a list that is not as branded to me and/or that I don't manage quite as delicately, I will more often mail daily and with promos and quality content.

As for what products/services, this is where it relates back to your list demographic. The better you know your list, the more targeted the offers you can send and the more money you will make.

I stay away from clickbank personally unless there is a quality product that is brand new and I know about via testing and prelaunch numbers from places like right here (WF).

If your list is more general (MMO), then your offers need to be more general and you can easily find offers at all of the marketplaces you mentioned, just take care to find general offers. If your list has a demographic that is into more specifics like CPA or SEO, etc., than obviously you can mail for those products. Each marketplace has general and specific offers, it really depends on what you are trying to promote (based on how well you know your list)

One last thought would be that if you know you can drive clicks, you always have the option to sell solo ads. Generally, if you are consistent and your traffic converts (at least into subs) you can get a min of .35 per click and upto .60. So let's say you know you can get 500 clicks out of your list on just about any email, well, than that's probably a min of $150 per email you send for other people – which you could do daily or every few days,etc. That said, generally selling solos is far less lucrative than building a quality relationship with your own list and doing your own promos.

How Hard Is It To Get 1 Sale Per Day?

Yes, more specifics would help, but in general you obviously want targeted traffic. With a $4.95 price point, buying traffic would be my last choice UNLESS I had tested it in very small doses and/or first optimized my sales funnel (front and back end).

You can obviously get targeted or semi-targeted traffic for free with things like organic search using keyword research, content creation, SEO, etc. as well as video creation, article marketing via syndication, social media promotion, and a number of other ways.

Paid traffic via PPC through Google or Facebook or maybe more general PPV traffic would be great too, but I would be 'afraid' that my conversions wouldn't offset my low pricepoint.

I would network the hell out of yourself and your product/service via blog commenting, article syndication, social media interaction, etc. I would also focus on the free methods I mentioned above for a few months to build a solid base of content that pointed links at my site for the purpose of driving traffic.

With a low conversion of say 1%, you would need 100 visitors per day to get your one sale. With proper keyword research and on page optimization, you could create somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 posts or articles that could drive that draffic for 'free' – possibly within a few months. Then maybe switch to testing paid.

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