Warrior Forum – Make Money With Amazon, Bombard Email List?, Adfly Traffic Good For? Newbie Nightmare

In addition to writing posts on this blog and other blogs, I frequently post on the Warrior Forum. Much of what I post relates to the content and purpose of this site: Education in Internet Marketing. So these posts are summaries of what was posted there.


Bombard Email List Or Take It Slow?

Yes, of course you want to build a relationship, but that doesn't necessarily preclude you mailing daily. You need to brand your self or the list to the list subs such that they associate you with something they need and like. While doing this with original quality content, it is possible to mail daily or at least, frequently with more quality content that has some offers embedded. Provide value, period. Especially in IM.

WSO or Warrior Classified?

Yes, the WSO threads get a lot more traffic, but depending on what you are looking for and what your budget is initially, the classifieds area also works well. I have put free or review copies up in the classifieds area with a very good response. The product was a segment of a total product I plan to launch as a WSO shortly, so it was good to have the feedback. Additionally, the cost to post and bump is less than a WSO.

How Does Anyone Make Money With Amazon?

Yes, if you are building sites and monetizing them with Amazon, I would encourage the following. Then again, this is no guarantee. Sometimes the volume or conversions we think should be there just aren't: – Solid KWR – Build simple sites with around 5 pages of content and one review article – Do not put Amazon on site for around the first 30 days of site – Do simple SEO (either one time or cheap monthly social stuff – it's not worth it in my opinion and experience to do too much until you know you have a converting site that can rank) – Add content at the rate and scale of 1 review article for every 3-5 content "info" articles. Have the review AND 'info' articles target longtail keywords. – Do this until you hit 50 content articles and 10-15 review articles and then reassess. This much content even with minimal or no SEO should bring good traffic. – If successful with traffic, continue to add content – If traffic coming but no conversions, well, you need to look at your site structure and review types. Your main goal is to get the visitor to the Amazon site itself where you will then get credit for anything they buy on that visit.

How Would YOU Spend $1200 Of Marketing Budget in Six Weeks?

Well, I would probably use some sort of PPC – like adwords or facebook and drill down solid KWR so that I was pretty targeted. Drive those leads to a landing page where you get at least their email addy so even if they don't enter/sign up right then, you can follow up with them. The other idea that comes to mind right off the bat is forum advertising. Not marketing, advertising. Just look at the top of this and any thread here in WF and you'll see nice big banners. Those get hella clicks. Find forums for writers and see if you can either do banner or even mailers to the members (maybe the forum sells solo ads).

SOLO Ads Outside The IM Realm

es, Solo ads can be and are very powerful inside and outside of IM. And yes, they are relatively easy to find for IM and harder for other niches. A few considerations: – Look for and/or contact newsletters, forums, authority sites, and social pages (like FB) that are in the niche you want to target. They may advertise selling solos and if not, they may be interested in doing it if you contact them. – Buying solos is spending money. Make sure you have a quality funnel set up to capture and convert those leads into whatever you are trying to do. I would recommend branding yourself or your business at every turn. – With non IMers, they aren't necessarily used to getting emailed daily so I would start out at a lower frequency of mailing – maybe every 3 days MAX, but probably more like every 5. Then again, it totally depends on what you are marketing and what your new sub and unsub rates are. – There are existing directories of nonIM niche solo ad sellers, but you need to know what you are doing before you spend a bunch of money with them and I'm not going to post them publicly. – Get a 'cheap' course on solo ads or email marketing from a solid warrior here for less than $20 and study it.

What's Adf.ly Traffic Good For?

Yes, Adfly can build subscribers to a decent opt in page. I too had 140 out of 10K. But they are basically worthless (for my product and funnel anyway) on the backend. If you know what you're doing with untargeted traffic however, there are possibilities. A lot of the big guns use cheap traffic like this and have super smooth and tricked out funnels that convert like a mf. One thing I've heard (and it makes sense) is that the best use of adfly is for building fans/followers to a page/account and/or possibly making one of your pages go viral. The monetization would then come from the social page or email list down the road after your social 'funnel' had qualified them more.

Someone Who Opens Emails But Doesn't Click?

Depending on what your list is like and what your relationship is to them, it generally says that the email copy isn't leading them to click. With solo ads and swaps it's commonly talked about that you aren't writing the swipe to inform or qualify the potential buyer or sub, but to get them to click on the link. So the entire swipe is generalized to the point that you don't weed out people buy saying too much about what they'll see when they click. That's why we all see headlines and copy like " $1,254 in one week!" or "make money to fire your boss" or whatever. They aren't telling you that it's in offine or online or with CPA or SEO or whatever.

People With 161K Fans On Facebook. How Are They Doing This?

Yes, buying fans is one way. Another way is viral campaigns – which believe it or not – would be relatively 'easy' to get tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of fans if it's seeded correctly and you have the cash to light the fire and stoke it. The problem with this is that unless you are an absolute master an untargeted traffic conversion, it doesn't matter if you have 100K fans or 100. For instance, you might seed a viral campaign by buying PPV or interstitial traffic at something like $5 for 10K. Out of this, with a proper viral net set up, you could get probably around 150 fans right off the bat without any viral. Depending on what you were sharing to get those initial fans, some or most of them would also share what you were sharing (like an image or video or whatever) on multiple social mediums.

Is It Worth Using Adf.ly To Build A List?

Well it's been said a few different ways, but the answer is yes and no. With a decent landing page you will get subs. I usually get around 150 per 10K visitors, or 150 for $10. But like the ^^^ posts, it's highly untargeted so even your subs are close to worthless if you have even a remotely specific product. You're basically getting subscribers that are untargeted so you need to build that into your email marketing. It has to be general and whittle down to weed out all the impulse subs. For me, this would be best with CPA. It's like Twitter. The people you get from adfly aren't there to buy anything. They are on there way somewhere. You need to engage them and send them down a funnel that later that moment, day or week drops them somewhere where THEY chose to go intentionally. This is where your offer or product is. For example, a poll or voting site or page with a reward – such as a CPA email submit. Or the same thing, but coming from your email marketing after they sub in…

A Newbies Nightmare

PART 1: Well if site building is your choice (and it's a pretty solid choice), you need to have these bases covered: – Solid keyword research ( I would get at least 150 longtail keywords to work from that are related to your main site keyword) – Simple but nice site structure – Add content to your site consistently (target 3-5 pieces of 'info' content, minimum 600 words each for every review or product piece of content you post). Look to add pages or posts 3x/week at a min and work up to 1x daily. – For every piece of content you add to your site, have it targeted at a low comp longtail KW – even if the KW only gets 100 searches per month. You are going for volume. 100 pages of content will bring in traffic even without SEO – IF you don't want or can't write all that content, get or use curation – With the content you post, add an auto syndication plug-in or feature so that you automatically get social backlinks for every piece of content – Build up to 50 pages of content and then reassess. If traffic is there but no conversions, look at what you are promoting and how it is presented and tweak/learn new methods test. If no traffic than either give up (some sites are basically duds) or add more targeted content. – All the while have a freebie giveaway opt-in for your visitors so you build a list based on your site. – Repurpose all of the content you added to your sites buy turning it into videos, podcasts, ebooks, slideshows, etc., and then distribute it to the respective hosting sites for such mediums. You'll get traffic and backlinks from this. Seriously, this is actually quite a bit of work and knowledge to be able to do. Have patience and stay focused. Learn, Learn, Learn. Test Test Test.


Well, that sounds good, but whatever you do or find will be work, period. IM is work and it's actually harder than a regular job until you are knowledgeable and successful. The basic idea is to take action and stay focused and if you fail, get up and try again. Continue to learn and take action and you WILL succeed – even if it's only $10 a week. That is success. Build on that and repeat it. Then scale. It's a process. My two recommendations are always authority sites and list building email marketing. But nothing happens overnight. The overnight thing is a dream that sells. Overnight only happens for those that already know what they are doing and can thus generate success and cash quickly. But even with them, it's still a matter of testing and refining. I already gave a suggestion for authority sites on on the WF. My recommendation for email marketing would be Jamison Palmer. He's a master and a very cool guy. Dude brings in 6 figures monthly and still answers emails and helps regular people succeed. Choose something. Learn it. Stay with it. Fail. Stay with it. Succeed. Stay with it. Test. Fail. Succeed. Scale. Even those that say they will take you by the hand will not – at least not completely. YOU need to act and take responsibility and continue to do so. Yes, it's a risk and it costs money and takes time, but that's what it is.


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