It’s an IM Life

I come from a background in the offline world of sales and marketing in the events & food and beverage field. In 2009, I created my business, Fenix Pro Digital, to provide offline internet marketing and SEO services for local businesses. I had also been tooling around with creating niche websites for affiliate products, adsense, and consequently, site flipping with moderate success. At the beginning of 2011, I had an offer to be an operational partner in a wine bar/bistro and started working on plans to dive headfirst into this project. It was to be a 2 Million dollar per year revenue generating machine (to start), with me earning a nice six figure income plus partial ownership and resulting profit sharing (with no money down!!). A sweet deal!. A couple of months later, one of the investors fell through and everything changed. As a result, something in me shifted and I said F*%K you to the offline regular job world and hello to the quest to not just succeed, but to excel in the online world of internet marketing. My Internet Marketing endeavors are widespread. I still do Offline SEO and Marketing for local businesses, but my main focus has primarily shifted to creating multiple online income streams via various methods and strategies. This site is a report of my findings and an attempt to sort through all the multitudinous crap out there to provide real, down to earth methods and tools for aspiring and experienced internet marketers to succeed.
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